US Strikes Targets The Office Of Presidency Mid- Sana`A


Saudi airstrikes bombed the Office of Presidency  in mid- Sana`a , Tahrair district, killing civilians

According to Sources, the Office of Presidency was targeted by two US airstrikes, killing presidency`s employees and residents, and tens injured

last night, Sana`a, the US-Saudi aerial aggression targeted  the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Interior. It also launched four raids on Serawah district of Marib governorate

A child was killed and one family was wounded in a raid by the US-Saudi aerial aggression which targeted Sunday evening a house in Beit Al-Fakih district of Al-Hodeidah

On Sunday evening, US-Saudi aerial aggression  launched six raids on Al-Hodeidah targeting the General Authority for Tihama Development building  in Al-Qadee area of Al-Marwah district

Sixtee  raids attacked Sa’adah governorate other raids targeted Dahyan town, Fala area of Majaz district, Al-Hijla area of Razih district, different areas of Baqem border district and Al Sahan area near Sa’adah city where the attack targeted two fuel stations owned by citizens and a gas filling station

In Hajjah governorate, the aggression launched, during the past hours, 12 raids on various areas of Harad and Medi districts

US-Saudi aerial aggression launched 4 raids on Makbana district of Taiz, and more than 15 raids on different areas of Mauza district