Lahj Governor Regrets Over Daily Killing of Subaihah Tribesmen in Western Coast


Al-Thawra Net

Lahj governor, Ahmed Hamoud Jerib al-Subaihi renewed his call to the s Subaihah tribesmen, demanding them to save the blood of their sons whom the UAE occupation forces offer as cheap sacrifices in the West Coast Front.

In a statement, he expressed regret that over the killing dozens of young people who had fallen into the Battle of the western coast on a daily basis.

He described what is happening of “daily killing of the sons of Subaihah tribe, who represent the human stockpile, as a barbaric criminal act, in which the UAE and its militias’ leaders held responsible because they sold themselves to the devil.

Ahmed Hamoud Jerib added that UAE occupation and their militias sought to sell the sons of to Subaihah tribe to the Saudi-led coalition who commits crimes in the southern provinces, especially the cities of Aden and Mokhalla.