16 NGO’s Call France To Stop Arms Sales To Saudi Arabia And UAE


16 non-governmental organizations sent an open letter to French President Emmanuel McCaron urging him to condemn the bombing of civilians in Yemen in a clear and frank manner and asking France to stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia .

“We renew our call once again to France to stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia and the UAE, which could be used in Yemen to commit serious violations of international humanitarian law,” the organizations said in the letter

“The letter urged president  McCron to stop arms sale  “Some of the European partners of France, such as Germany, Belgium, Sweden, the Netherlands and, more recently, Spain have curtailed their sale of arms to the parties involved in the Yemeni conflict ”

The organizations concluded their letter ” France’s disregard for violations of international humanitarian law in Yemen is a grave sign of indifference to the millions of Yemenis who are victims of this conflict “