Abdulsalam: Sweden consultations have not gone beyond ideas at hand


Al-Thawra Net

Head the national delegation representing Yemen in Sweden talks, Mohammed Abdulsalam, on Friday said that the consultations have not gone beyond ideas and views at hand so far.

“We will not judge the seriousness of the consultations unless the United Nations receives the U.S. support to stop the war and end the siege,” said Abdulsalam in a press interview.

Abdulsalam confirmed that the national delegation would not accept the inspection of planes.

“Aden airport is under the UAE occupation and Sayoun airport is not qualified, and we will not accept that aircraft be inspected in Aden,” he said. “We firstly demand the liberation of the Yemeni airports and cities from the occupation.”

Regarding the port of Hodeida, Abdulsalam said: “We put forward a proposal to the United Nations to technically supervise the goods coming into the port and financial revenues, but other than these demands would be considered military demands that can not be accepted.”