Official Spokesman : Aggression Intensified Its Attempts to Advance To Fail The consultations


The spokesman for the armed forces, Brigadier General Yahya Saria’a said that the air force of the  aggression intensified its raids , as his mercenaries stepped up their military operations on a number of fronts at the time the national delegation arrived in the Swedish capital Stockholm and a day before the start of consultations .

The Brigadier  said in a statement to the Saba news agency that during the last 12 hours, the air force launched more than 60 raids, including 26 raids on the front of Nehim , nine raids on al-Durahmi in Hodeidah, causing damage to public and private property and the death and injury of many citizens .

He Pointed out that the enemy stepped up operations in the West Coast, where its mercenary tried to advance towards al-Durhemi district with several attacks lasted  for five hours .

The Brigadier said that the mercenaries attempts to advance in all fronts were stopped and suffered heavy losses in lives and equipments  . He also confirmed the readiness of the army and popular committees to stop all the attempts of the mercenaries in all fronts.