Hadi And Two Of His Ministers Accused Of Treason In Absentia By Yemeni Court


Al-Thawra Net

The Yemeni court has on Sunday started the trials of several Saudi-backed politicians on charges of high treason.

The accused, who will be tried in absentia, stand accused of trying to recognize and trying to establish relations with the Zionist entity of Israel, which is an enemy of the Arab and Muslim people of Yemen.

The prosecutors officially accused Khalid al-Yamani, 59, Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi, 71, and Mueen Abdul Malik, 41, of treason and conspiracy to engage with the Israeli enemy.

These are all criminal acts against the will of the Yemeni people. ‪Yamani is currently serving as foreign minister and Abdul Malik as prime minister in the Saudi-backed exiled government of the exiled Hadi. None of them are present at the court sessions as they are residing in Saudi-held areas.

‪Yamani has personally attended the Warsaw summit earlier this month, where he was seen sitting next to Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, aiming at normalization with the Israeli occupation and to erase the Palestinian cause off the map.