Yemeni Health Ministry publishes list of measures to prevent swine flu spread


Al-Thawra Net

The Yemeni Ministry of Health and Please, through the National Program for Education and Health Information, has published preventive methods and measures to try prevent infections with swine flu virus, and also to halt the transfer of the disease to others in case of infection.

In a statement, the ministry identified the most important measures to prevent infection, and described some simple and confirmed preventive measures.

The preventive methods and measures are the following:

1) Use clean wipes when sneezing to cover the nose and mouth, and dispose of them in special places to collect the waste.

2 ) Don’t touch your eyes if your hands are dirty.

3) Wash your hands regularly with soap and water.

4) Do not overdo shaking hands with others, kissing or hugging them.

5) In case of flu infection you should:

– Go to the nearest center or hospital for treatment.

– Keep enough distance between you and other people.

– Not let others use your own belongings such as water bottles, napkins, etc.

– Not shake hands with anyone.

– Not go to work or school, and do not mingle with others until you heal from the disease.

6) Keep others healthy and protect you and your relatives from diseases and their spread.

7) Educate yourself and make it a daily behavior, and educate others through the transmission of health information. Perhaps your publication will save oneself or others from the potentially deadly disease.

The swine flu virus broke out in Yemen due to the terrible state of the hygiene and healthcare infrastructure resulting from the Saudi-led invasion and war against the Republic. The virus is highly contagious and deadly, and has claimed several lives already.