Child, 20 Women Killed In Aggression Airstrikes On Hajjah


Al-Thawra Net

At least 20 women and a child were killed in an initial toll as a result of airstrikes waged by Saudi-led aggression aircrafts overnight targeting citizens’ homes in Kushar district of Hajjah province, northern Yemen.

An official told  Saba News Agency that the aggression warplanes waged over 30 airstrikes on Kushar district since Saturday midnight, and destroyed five houses of citizens completely in the areas of Tallan, al-Zalil, al-Ahdab and al-Hadi.

“The process of search between the rubble of the houses and recovery of victims are still continuing in the area of Tallan in Kushar district,” the official said.

The aggression airstrikes targeted ambulances and prevented their access to the victims, in addition to targeting and cutting roads, he added.