Saudi Arabia uses UAE-hired US and Israeli death squads for assassinations in Yemen


Al-Thawra Net

Informed sources have revealed a Saudi scheme of using the expertise of the UAE occupation forces in order to liquidate its opponents in Mahrah province, and to ensure safe presence of its forces there, after Riyadh failed to impose its planned oil pipeline through the province’s territory to the Arabian Sea.

“The Saudi plan aims to eliminate the national figures and leaders of Yemen that lead protest movements against the presence of Saudi forces and their incursion into the province,” sources told Yemen Press Agency on condition of anonymity.

The same sources said that Saudi Arabia has used the expertise of its partner in the coalition, the United Arab Emirates, in order to assassinate opponents ever since the very beginning of the coalition war and its control over southern Yemen.

According to the sources, Saudi occupation has brought with it members of the UAE assassination squad. It has been confirmed by US press that the United Arab Emirates has hired mercenaries for carrying out hundreds of assassinations.

In October, BuzzFeed News Investigations provided irrefutable evidence, including videos, showing that the UAE is involved in hiring a mercenary team specializing in assassinations, killing an estimated 200 imams and social figures in southern Yemen.

“The United Arab Emirates has contracted with the American mercenary company called Spear Operations Group in order to recruit a professional assassination team composed of Americans and Israelis, which is carrying out assassinations of its opponents in southern Yemen,” the US-led survey said.

The assassinations conducted by the United Arab Emirates mercenaries in Aden and several provinces in southern Yemen included security and military commanders.

International human rights groups, including Amnesty International, have confirmed the UAE involvement in assassination operations.

According to the sources, Saudi Arabia’s use of the UAE assassination teams to carry out a war against Al-Mahrah province “was confirmed by the transfer of an assassination squad from Aden to al-Mahrah, and the allocation of the Republican Palace in al-Ghaidah as their base.”