Yemeni army launches offensive on mercenaries’ positions in Jawf


Al-Thawra Net

The Yemeni army and popular committees on Sunday launched a large-scale attack on military positions of mercenaries loyal to Saudi-led aggression coalition in Jawf province, northern Yemen, a military official told Yemen Press Agency.

According to the official, several mercenaries were killed and many others wounded in the attack, which targeted their positions in Maton district.

Earlier in the day, the army forces attacked the mercenaries’ positions in Sabreen district, killing and injuring dozens of them.

Meanwhile, the artillery unit shelled gatherings of the mercenaries in the east part of the same district, causing direct casualties.

Furthermore, the snipers of the army shot three mercenaries in Astor front, as well as damaging a military pickup in khub Washaef district.