Mohammed al-Houthi reveals reasons for Saudi regime’s call for deployment of US forces


Al- Thawra Net

Mohammed Ali al-Houthi,  a member of the Supreme Political Council  has revealed the reasons for the Saudi regime’s call for the deployment of US military forces, that arrived in Saudi Arabia on Friday.

“The calling of American forces to Saudi Arabia is done because Saudi Arabia has lost confidence in its allies, its army, its Sudanese mercenaries and others,” Mohammed Ali al-Houthi Said on Twitter account on Saturday.

“In any upcoming military escalation in the region, there will be an American exploitation,” he said.

He noted that US blackmailing process is on the rise, in order to remove the psychological threat to Saudi Arabia.

Mohammed Ali al-Houthi added that imposing a US military presence in Saudi Arabia would provide daily wage jobs for US mercenaries.

Earlier reports indicated that US military forces have started to deploy to military bases it had abandoned over 15 years ago. Analysts believe that the deployment is done in order to facilitate aggression against either Iran or Yemen, in service of US geostrategic plans for the region.