Yemeni armed forces to reveal new missiles, aerial weaponry on Sunday


Al-Thawra Net

The Director of the Military Intelligence Directorate in the Fifth Region has disclosed the influx of US intelligence agents into Yemen under the guise of humanitarian action.

The director, Brigadier General Riyad Salah, stated: “There are US intelligence elements that have arrived in Yemen since the beginning of the aggression under the banner of humanitarian action.”

The Brigadier General confirmed the incursion of foreign intelligence agencies, including an international organisation that collects military and non-military information, which was recently halted by the Yemeni intelligence services.

“Most of the elements working in humanitarian organisations were present at the US Embassy before the September 21 Revolution, and these elements were recruited as humanitarian workers after the coalition of aggression declared war on Yemen on the 26th of March 2014.”

Brigadier General Salah said that these elements seek to gather information through field projects carried out by humanitarian organisations, mainly pertaining matters of Yemeni national security, and submit reports of a political, security and economic nature to the countries of the invading coalition.

“Humanitarian action is being used by the United States America as a tool to penetrate and penetrate the Yemeni nation, and to obtain information, in addition to spreading diseases and epidemics among Yemenis because of the rotten food provided to them in the name of humanitarian aid,” he said.

The director added that some humanitarian organisations operating in Yemen are run by US, British and French intelligence officers who have a direct relationship with the coalition countries, and provide them with information.

The Director of the Military Intelligence Directorate in the Fifth Region called on the United Nations and all humanitarian organisations operating in Yemen to work impartially and in accordance with the international standards and laws for humanitarian action, in order to actually ease the real suffering of this people. He also called on the UN to remove the suffocating blockade of the Yemeni people and to commit to respecting the sovereignty of Yemen