Over 2,000 Yemenis defected from Saudi-led aggression ranks


Al- Thawra Net

In recent times, the defection of Yemeni fighters from the Saudi-led aggression coalition has continued to increase, with many of them making their way back to the Yemeni Armed Forces or Popular Committees.

“In response to the amnesty decision, the number returned from the enemy forces to the national ranks has increased, and in recent weeks the number of forces that withdrew from the aggression ranks from various provinces has exceeded 2,000,” The Yemeni military spokesman Brigadier Yahya Sare’e said on Friday.

“The army and Popular Committees continue to secure the return of all those who wish to make use of the amnesty decree issued by the President of the Supreme Political Council,” Brigadier Yahya Sare’e said at a press conference in Sana’a.

He called on “all those who have been deceived and mislead within all the traitorous proxy formations of the aggression, to return to the right path (…) History will not forget the attitudes of the agents and traitors against themselves, their homeland and their people,” he said.

“All armed formations of aggression, regardless of their names, are among our legitimate targets as they are part of the project of occupying and subjugating Yemen,” Sare’e warned.

“Anyone who supports the aggression against their homeland, people and history is a traitor, no matter how lofty the slogans and labels,” he said. “Our military means are known, and our way of confrontation is also known.”

“Our steadfast mujahideen people stand together the Armed Forces defending Yemen, who today stand in the way of the coalition of aggression,” he concluded.