YPC accuses UN of caring only about its own organisations instead of civilian population


Al- Thawra Net

The Yemeni Petroleum Company has accused the United Nations of “not caring about the rights of the Yemeni people to access life as much as it does about securing the needs of its organisations’ missions to Yemen for oil derivatives.”

“This makes them complicit with the coalition in detaining oil derivatives ships and depriving Yemenis of them,” YPC said in a statement

The company gave as an example that the Palomar vessel, which is providing UN missions with fuel, has arrived at the port of Hodeidah with 4,828 tons of diesel on board, despite the continuing Saudi blockade that makes oil deliveries to the population of Yemen nearly impossible.

“The United Nations does not care about the rights of the Yemeni citizens as it claims, but is interested in entering its ships and delivering the provision of petroleum materials to its own staff of its missions.”

The oil company explained that “for 35 days, the coalition aggression has been holding 8 ships belonging to the Yemeni people carrying 53,321 tons of gasoline and 145,327 tons of diesel.”

Since August, the coalition has restricted traffic to the port of Hodeidah, preventing the food, medicine and fuel vessels from reaching the port of Hodeidah and delaying them for months despite being inspected and licensed by the United Nations.

The coalition’s blockade and the detention of derivative vessels are having catastrophic consequences for the lives of millions, paralyzing the movement of vital service sectors, including health, water and the environment, and agricultural, fish and industrial production sectors, and has costed countless of Yemeni lives as a result