Military spokesman: Yemeni army reples large-scale attack of Saudi-led mercenaries in Nihem


Al-Thawra Net

Dozens of the Saudi-led aggression coalition mercenaries were killed and wounded on Friday when the Yemeni army foiled an attack towards Nihem district of Sana’a Province, Yemen’s Army spokesman said in statement on Friday.

The spokesman Yahya Sare’e affirmed the Yemeni army foiled an infiltration attempt by the mercenaries despite of air cover of the fighter jets to back its mercenaries in an attempt to advance on the ground.

Sare’e said that the coalition and its mercenaries’ attempts would be failed, affirming that the Yemeni army would take appropriate and strong measures towards the military escalation.

On Thursday night, Brigadier Yahya Sare’e, commented on the UN envoy for Yemen, Martian Griffiths’ briefing to the United Nation Security Council on Thursday.

The Spokesman said that the escalation of the aggression contradicts the statements of the UN envoy, Martin Griffiths, noting that the enemy continues to escalate through carrying out infiltration attempts.

He added that the US-Saudi aggression continues its strikes, three raids were launched on Kataf district of Sa’ada governorate.

The UN envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths, spoke in his briefing to the UN Security Council about what he called the sharpening of military operations in Yemen, the decrease in the number of air strikes in November by 80 percent, and that the first nine days of January passed