PM: Homeland faces many scenarios on foundations of coming peace


Al- Thawra Net

Prime Minister Dr. Abdulaziz bin Habtoor on Monday said that the homeland faces many scenarios on the foundations of the coming peace.

This came in his speech at the inauguration of the intellectual and cultural knowledge program of the Yemeni Center for Historical Studies and Future Strategy “Manarat” for the year 2020.

The Prime Minister confirmed the government’s support for the scientific and intellectual activities of the center and other similar institutional frameworks.

He pointed out that such organizations and institutions are the parallel of the ruling authority, and they are the true mirror of what others say about the authority, its procedures and decisions.

“We are in favor of this approach and with the smooth and purposeful dialogue that serves the cause of peace and strengthens Yemen’s relations with its regional and international surroundings,” Dr. bin Habtoor said.