Battalion Commander surrenders him self to the Army and Popular committees off Najran


Muhammad al-Bukhaiti announced the surrender of the battalion commander in the pro-Saudi Tawhid brigade after violent clashes with the brigade, during which he was able to withdraw with a group of the battalion members and surrender to their forces.

The leader of the AnsarAllah movement, Muhammad al-Bukhaiti, confirmed that Abdullah Muhammad Rubaish, the commander of the reconnaissance brigade in the Tawhid Brigade stationed in the al-Baqa’a front near Najran on the Yemeni-Saudi border, had surrendered to the authorities in Sana’a.

He pointed out that the officer in the  so called “Army of Legitimacy” called Rubaish was able to return after an exchange of fire with the members of the brigade and loaded of a military group with various weapons, as it was after he coordinated with them to secure his withdrawal from the seam lines alongside their forces.