Al-Hazam Gives better Access for the Army and Popular Committees to Saudi Territories


 Experts believe that with al-Hazm, the capital of the province of al-Jawf, under the control of the  army and popular committees fighters, larger parts of Saudi Arabian territories are now under the gunfire of Yemenis.

Yemen’s Army and popular committees  on Sunday wrested control of a strategic city in the north of Yemen i.e., al-Hazm, the capital of the province of al-Jawf, following weeks of fighting with forces backed by Saudi-led allies.

According to a Jordanian political analyst, the control of the army and popular committees on al-Jawf can be understood as failure of the new Saudi-Emirati military coalition.

“Taking control of Hazm is of significance for army and popular committees have improved towards the Saudi borders,” he said in a televised program on Al Jazeera.

“The Saudi-UAE coalition entered Yemen to restore the legitimacy of Mansour Hadi’s government, but gained no military achievements.”

“What happened in Jawf was probably tactical and gradual, but not militarily or strategically easy because it means the Houthis are approaching Saudi Arabia and destruction of Mansour Hadi” he added.

On the same program, an official from Political Office of Ansarallah said, “Saudi Arabia is currently negotiating security, areas, and depths of its territory, not Yemen, because the Saudis have no right in Yemen.”