Gunmen attack a Displaced camp in Lahj

Rahaf Ali Bedaish, 8, carries her little brother Ahmed, 2, outside their tent at the Dharawan settlement. They have been displaced from Taizz governorate since the beginning of the conflict and miss their home. ; UNHCR is responding to the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, providing emergency assistance to those forcibly displaced by the conflict. Recent fighting in Yemen has made years of poverty and insecurity even worse. The conflict has killed 10,000 people and disrupted millions of lives, with 2 million internally displaced and a further 1 million having returned home to dangerous conditions. More than 20 million Yemenis need humanitarian assistance. UNHCR provides emergency shelter and household assistance including mattresses, blankets, sleeping mats, kitchen sets, buckets and other essential items. Our assistance has reached people in all 20 governorates affected by the conflict. We also refurbish public buildings that now host displaced families. We provide legal and financial assistance as well as psycho-social support, and we continue to protect and support some 280,000 refugees, mainly from the Horn of Africa, who remain in Yemen despite the conflict.

On Tuesday, armed men launched a bomb attack on a camp for the displaced from the northern governorates in Lahj, north of Aden, in a further indication of the escalation of regional targeting.

Local sources said that unknown persons threw two bombs inside  Al-Anad camp in Hayn district without registering any injuries.

The source pointed out  that this operation comes in the context of the systematic targeting of the displaced in an attempt to force them to leave the camp.

The displaced people in Kharaz camp were forced to leave after the escalation of violations against them.

Over the past 5 years of the 5-year war on Yemen, the displaced and most of them from the marginalized groups in the West Coast remained vulnerable to these types of attacks.