Saudi-led aggression launches 6 airstrikes on Hodeidah


Al-Thawra Net

The US-backed Saudi-led coalition warplanes on Sunday launched six airstrikes on Hodeidah province, western Yemen, in a new violation of the ceasefire agreement, a security official said.

According to the official, five airstrikes were waged on Salif district and Ras Esa area amid of heavy flights over the province, while another airstrike hit Jabal al-Nar area of the same district.

The official pointed out that the heroes of the army and popular committees will not remain idly by in the face of the dangerous escalation of the forces of aggression in Hodeidah and various regions.
He held the United Nations and its Special Envoy fully responsible for the collapse of the Swedish agreement.

The violations committed by the Saudi-led coalition forces in Hodeidah province during the past 24 hours amounted to 155 violations, including the flight of a spy plane in the airspace of Kilo 16, establishing four fortifications on 50th street and Kilo 16, four attacks on the control point Manthara and on Kilo 16 areas , 28 violations of rocket and artillery shelling and 124 violations of gunshots.