Shaizer :prohibited Cluster bombs were used to bomb the horse stables


US-Saudi warplanes used internationally-prohibited cluster bombs in bombing the horse stables of the Military College on Monday, Director of the Military College Brigadier General Mohammed Saleh Shaizer revealed on Tuesday.

“There are unexploded objects, left over from the bombing remnants, which are still present in the horse stables, indicating the magnitude of the crime,” Shaizer said

“The aerial aggression on Monday waged three raids on the stables of horses, launching four missiles in the first raid, four missiles in the second and two missiles in the third raid, all of them directly targeted hangers that harbor horses,” Shaizer elaborated.

He indicated that the raids resulted in the killing of the horse trainer Mahdi al-Raimi and the injuring of two horsemen, as well as the killing of 70 horses and the injuring of more than 90 others.

Medical personnel are working to extract shrapnel from wounded horses with help of many veterinarians, he added.

According to Shaizer, the Military College worked to transfer the horses from the destroyed stables to a nearby site and to speed up bringing food and medicine for the horses after the warehouse of food was destroyed by the raids.