Yemeni forces foil two mercenaries’ offensives in Taiz


Al- Thawra Net

The Saudi-led aggression coalition forces have suffered new casualties on the fronts of Taiz province at dawn, when Yemeni army forces repelled two advancing attempts by its mercenaries.

A military source confirmed that the army forces and Popular Committees broke two large advances of coalition gunmen in the Dhabab and Bir Basha areas in Taiz province, southwestern Yemen.

According to the sources, the mercenaries launched infiltration attempts coming from four directions towards Jabal al-Han in the same areas.

“The attempts lasted for several hours,” he said, adding that “dozens of the mercenaries were killed or wounded during their foiled attempts, forcing them to break down without making any progress.”

Moreover, other enemy groups have been ambushed by improvised explosive devices, doubling the number of dead, wounded and material losses in their ranks,” the military source added.