Iranian Foreign Minister: US and Saudi Arabia have caused instability plaguing Lebanon


Al-Thawra Net

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Tuesday that it is the US and Saudi policies that have brought Lebanon to where it is today.

Mohammad Javad Zarif stressed that Saudi Arabia and America have a duty to compensate for the destruction they caused in Lebanon.

Zarif added that, after meeting with a number of officials in Lebanon, it is likely that “the explosion of the port of Beirut is caused by an inadvertent accident,” calling on Lebanon to conduct an independent investigation into the explosion of the port.

He said that French President Emmanuel Macron’s proposal to form a government of national unity in Lebanon is a good idea, stressing that Lebanon should focus on reconstruction, and postpone political talks.

The Iranian Foreign Minister considered that US pressure to form a non-political technocratic government in Lebanon is illogical and meaningless.

The explosion that rocked the Lebanese capital of Beirut on August 4 has caused extensive instability to the country, leading to the resignation of the government. Imperialist states such as the US have worsened the situation by attempting to use the situation to tighten their grip on Lebanon, and lay blame for the blast on Iran and Hezbollah.