Kushner: Saudi Arabia among six states to normalize ties with Israel


Al-Thawra Net

President Donald Trump’s senior adviser and son-in-law, stressed the six states that will normalize ties with ‘Israel’, adding that Trump is working with King Salman in face of the “Iranian threat”.

In an interview with CNN, Kushner considered that the normalization deals between ‘Israel’ and a number of Arab states contributes to establishing a new Middle East, alleging that the people of the region have got fed up with wars.

“I think we had a very good breakthrough. What’s happened is in the Middle East, the deals have been so well received. That’s what helped Bahrain go quickly. They saw how well the deal was received in the United Arab Emirates and throughout the Muslim world. The people in the region are tired of war,” Kushner told CNN.

During the ceremony held to sign the ‘Israel’-Bahrain and ‘Israel’-UAE normalization deals, Trump said on Tuesday that Saudi as well as a number of other countries will join the peace efforts an normalize ties with the Zionist entity at the suitable time