Report: Three killed, three injured in Saada, Marib provinces, Ceasefire violations in Hodeidah continued


Al-Thawra Net

The Saudi-led  aggression forces and their mercenaries have continued to militarily escalate in Hodeidah province within the past 24 hours while three civilians have been killed and three injured by enemy fire in Saada and Marib provinces. This was confirmed by Saba News Agency based on a military source.

A military official said that the aggression mercenaries committed 195 violations, including seven raids by combat spy planes on 50th St.  and al-Duraihemi district, and ten spy planes in the airspace of Hays district, Kilo 16 area, al-Jah area, Hodeidah city and al-Duraihemi in Hodeidah province.

The violations included 41 violations with rocket and artillery shelling, and 133 violations with various bullets, the official added.

He confirmed that a civilian has been killed by Saudi border shelling on Shida border district in Saada province while a civilian injured by Saudi border guards in the same district.

The official indicated that a citizen was killed by Saudi border guards in al-Raqo area in Munabbih border district in Saada.

He stated that a citizen was killed and his father was injured in a raid by the Saudi-led aggression coalition warplanes on their car in Naqil al-Sadarah in Rahba district in Marib province.