FM: Saudi-led aggression countries cause the collapse of Yemeni economy and currency


Al-Thawra Net

Minister of Foreign Affairs Hisham Sharaf has confirmed the International Quartet’s statement on Yemen issued on Thursday does not exceed the ceiling of the media event and an attempt to fool the world.

A hypothetical meeting held on September 30 is a copy of the same group’s meetings on April 26, 2019, and November 13 of the same year, the minister said, adding it comes in the context of a play in front of the international community by pretending to work on reforming what those countries have ruined in Yemen and the crimes they committed against Yemen and its people in six years of aggression and blockade.

Sharaf indicated that the Quartet ambassadors’ attempt which conspired against Yemen, which also at the same time advises and worries about Yemen and its people in order to avoid economic collapse and alleviate the ongoing suffering and the series of siege and starvation, confirms their full responsibility for the suffering and all destruction and economic collapse happened in the country.

He said that the Quartet’s ambassadors must return to reports of their embassies and reports of aggression against Yemen as well as reports of the United Nations so as to find out the reason for the suffering of Yemenis, Moreover how many Yemenis were killed and injured in the unjust war.

Instead of discussing how to end the siege and stop war and interference in the Yemen affairs, the ambassadors of the conspiratorial Quartet discussed the Riyadh agreement, FSO Safer Tanker, and armed deterrence operations of missiles and drones launched by Sanaa which is legitimate in retaliation for attacking Yemen, Sharaf said.

The Minister reaffirmed the full responsibility of Riyadh and Abu Dhabi for everything that happened in Yemen in terms of destruction, adding that they will not go unpunished.

Sharaf pointed out that there is still time to review the two countries’ positions to stop funding the continuation of war on Yemen through militias and armed groups or airstrikes, and support an integrated peace process involving Yemenis, which also includes them as they are the main cause of the worst humanitarian disaster in the history of mankind