Ministry of Human Rights: Saudi blockade imposed on Yemen has crossed all limits


Ministry of Human Rights confirmed that the comprehensive siege on the Yemeni people crossed all limits in a dangerous way for civilians and the graphical indicator of the number of victims is still remarkably high.

The ministry indicated in a statement that the persistence of the US-Saudi aggression in its siege and detention of fuel tankers for more than a year showed an indication of a new famine that will kill children, women and the elderly in various governorates.

It denounced the suspicious UN silence towards the suffering of Yemenis and the groans of millions of people forcibly displaced from their areas for six years as a result of the aggression and the lack of serious action regarding the repeated bombardment of the IDP camps since the beginning of the aggression.

The Ministry of Human Rights renewed the call for the necessity to protect the displaced, who are used by aggression in Marib governorate as human shields, exposing them to death. It demands that they must be protected and kept away from all forms of physical and psychological harm.

The Ministry held the mercenaries of aggression fully responsible for violating, in an unprecedented manner, the rules for the protection of the displaced, ignoring their deportation from the areas of confrontation and their insistence on adopting human shields.

The Ministry of Human Rights expressed its shock at the inhumane handling of the United Nations and its envoy toward displaced, in line with the agendas of the countries of aggression. It confirmed the growth of terrorist groups supported by money and weapons from the countries of the US-Saudi-Emirati aggression pose a great danger to society.

The statement indicated that the Ministry has warned, and is still in many statements, of the consequences of the countries of the aggression against human trafficking and the induction of mercenaries from all over the world to fight and spread destruction.

The Ministry also held the United Nations and its envoy legally and ethically responsible for what civilians are exposed to, lack of urgent action to take legal measures to stop the blockade that has killed more than 300,000 civilians and end the farce of seizing fuel ships.

The Ministry renewed its calls to the United Nations for urgent action and respect for the Basic Law and the United Nations Charter relating to international peace and security and the protection of civilians.