Saudi Aggression Forces Continue to Violate Cease-Fire Agreement and launch 12 Raids on Yemeni Provinces


Saudi aggression forces continued to violate the ceasefire agreement in the Hodeidah governorate, and the aircraft launched 12 raids on three governorates during the past 24 hours.

A military source told the Yemeni News Agency (SABA) that forces of aggression committed 187 breaches, including the creation of combat fortifications in al-Jah and al-Jabaliya, 35 breaches with 333 artillery shells and 134 breaches with various bullets.

The violations included two raids by spy planes on al-Fazah and the flight of 12 spy planes over the airspace of Hays, al-Fazah, al-Jabaliya and al-Jah.

The source pointed out that the aggression warplanes launched a raid on the Al-Zaher district in Sa’ada governorate, and five raids on the Mudaghl and Al-Juba districts in the Marib governorate.

The aggression launched six raids on the Al-Mahashima and Al-Marazeq areas in the Khub Wal Sha`af district, Al-Jawf Governorate.