Yemenis Protest In Front Of The White House Demanding Obama To Stop The War In Yemen

سبتمبر 4th, Yemeni expatriates and US activists gathered in front of the White House in Washington to condemn Saudi airstrikes in Yemen. 
The participants in the vigil that was held in front of the White House condemned the heinous crimes committed by Saudi Arabia and the its Coalition against the Yemeni people.
they stressed that the Saudi-led coalition continued to kill thousands of civilians, children, women as well as destroying houses, public and private buildings, factories oxygen farms and hospitals, they are targeting everything in Yemen.
Human rights activists also mocked King Salman’s beheadings and torturing to express their anger against the Monarchy’s violent ruling in Saudi Arabia.
They also demanded the US President, Obama, to stop the war in Yemen and stop the use of the prohibited weapons by the Saudi regime. ” Saudi has to subject to international investigation of all the crimes committed against Yemen,” activists called.
Banners of the vigil noted the Saudi Arabia’s role in financing the terrorist organizations through the war in a number of Arab countries under the excuse of defending the citizens and support the revolutions, the same as in Iraq, Syria and Libya.