Saudi jets kill and injure 150 civilians in fresh raids on Yemen

Unabated Saudi airstrikes have claimed the lives of at least 30 civilians, injuring around 120
others in Yemen.
A local source in Sana’a said that Saudi air aggression targeted al-Folihi and Muammar
neighborhood in old Sana’a led to the death of 25 civilians and wounded more than 70
others in an initial toll.
The Saudi airstrikes destroyed houses on the heads of their inhabitants in old Sana’a city that
listed in the World Heritage List.
He pointed out that the Saudi airstrikes targeted also the homes of citizens and their
property in different areas in Sana’a leading to the death of more than 10 people and
injuring more than 50 others.
The source pointed out that ambulances and rescue teams faced very serious difficulties
while rescuing the victims of the bombing due to lack of the necessary capabilities and the
lack of oil derivatives.
The source confirmed that the crime committed by the Saudi aggression in the capital Sana’a
on الجمعة considered a war crime and crimes against humanity by targeting populated
neighborhoods and intentional killing as well as the unjust siege that caused the lack of all
necessary needs for food, medicine and oil derivatives and others.