UNICEF Condemns Targeting The Health Facilities In Yemen


Althawra Net

UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake condemned the Saudi aggression’s attack on the health facility in Yemen.
In a statement on 27 October 2015, Lake said that the health facility reportedly attacked in Sada’a, Yemen, “the 39th health centre hit since the violence escalated in March. Critical shortages of fuel, medications, electricity, petrol and water threaten to stop many more from operating”.
Lake added that more children in Yemen may well die from a lack of medicines and healthcare than from bullets and bombs.
“The threat of preventable diseases is acute and the number of children at risk of the deadliest form of malnutrition has tripled to more than half a million,” Lake said.
He confirmed that there are 10 million children require humanitarian aid.
He appealed all of those involved to respect international humanitarian law and to bring an end to this tragedy.