ICRC Concerned About Yemen Hospital Strikes


Althawra Net
Amid Saudi Arabia’s unrelenting military aggression against Yemen, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has expressed alarm about attacks targeting hospitals in the country, warning that lack of medical supplies has put the life of millions of people at risk.
In a report, the ICRC’s outgoing health coordinator in Yemen, Monica Arpagaus, said hospitals are no longer the safe places they used to be as they have been repeatedly targeted by airstrikes.
“We have incidents where hospitals have been targeted and patients have been injured and staff have been killed,” Arpagaus stated.
Arpagaus added that drugs, medication and medical supplies have been prevented from crossing frontlines into hospitals which desperately need these supplies.
International organizations have repeatedly censured Saudi Arabia for the airstrikes on Yemen’s infrastructure, including hospitals and schools, saying the campaign is taking a huge toll on the civilian population.
The ICRC report estimated that more than 100 combat sorties have targeted health care facilities over the past months of the campaign.
Shortage of medical supplies is threatening the lives of the injured, the report said, and doctors have to treat patients in damaged buildings, with poor equipment.
The ICRC called for the removal of barriers for the delivery of medical supplies as well as an end in attacks on health care facilities.