Mutual Corruption Accusations Among Riyadh Mercenaries Enhance Their Division

بحاح يرفض تعديلات هادي على حكومته

Al-Thawra Net

The arguments between Riyadh mercenaries enhanced the division between Hadi and Bahah. After the fugitive president  Hadi had dismissed Bahah , more mutual  accusation revealed several of their corruption aspects.

Media sources said “ Saudi aggression system made an investigation on the  650,000 visas that were given to Hadi and his mercenaries .”

“ the investigation resulted that Hadi and his mercenaries sold around 400,000 visas  and every visa coast  3 to 11 thousand dollars ,” the sources confirmed.

On the other hand, mercenaries spokesman in Taiz accused Bahah by depriving mercenaries in Taiz $ 120 million paid by Petromasila to his government.