New York Times: 3,000 Saudis Join ISIS And Riyadh Kills Yemenis


Al-Thawra Net

New York Times revealed  that about 3,000 Saudis have joined militant groups abroad, and more than 5,000 have been incarcerated at home on terrorism charges, a large increase in recent years.

American searchers criticized Saudi war in Yemen and accused Riyadh of killing thousands of Yemenis.  They also called Obama administration to stop supporting Saudi Arabia in targeting populated areas.

According to New York Times report, the number of terrorist groups from Saudi Arabia is increasing in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and other Middle East countries as well as ISIS is taking advantage of Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia and intensify recruiting their  members.

“Wahhabism is fundamental to the Islamic State’s ideology,” said Cole Bunzel, a scholar of Wahhabi history at Princeton University and the author of a recent paper on Saudi Arabia and the Islamic State. “It informs the character of their religion and is the most on-display feature, in my opinion, of their entire ideology.”

Intelligence reports pointed out that Saudi has spent  lots of money in funding and arming those groups in several regions. Moreover, about billions of dollars  have spent in order to spread their  extremist ideology.

BBC channels showed a documentary film  about ISIS elements participated with Saudi-led coalition aggression in Yemen. On 22 February , the United Nation expert’s report confirmed using  arms and military vehicles belonging to the Saudi alliance in Aden and Lahij  by terrorist groups (Al Qaeda and ISIS).