A Detente In Kuwait Peace Talks Before Ramadan


Al-Thawra Net

Yahya Dawid a member of GPC party “General People Congress” and delegator in Yemen peace talks in Kuwait expressed his optimism of a detente soon in Kuwait consultations .

Al-Mithaq newspaper, issued by GPC, said that  the indications showed  the insistence of the  international and regional community to have a final solution in Kuwait consultations.

Dawid hoped  to have some agreements before Ramadan, “we make a good progress in the file of prisoners and detained,and a final draft agreement will be ready in the next two days.”

He mentioned that the main obstacles hindered the progress of negotiations is that the Riyadh delegation cling to power, refusing a national partnership and transitional government from all parts as it was in the Gulf initiative and executive mechanism.

“The National delegation required a ceasefire before the start of the consultations, but the other party  continued  violating the ceasefire,” Dawid added.