Saudi Air Raids Claim 33 Civilian Lives In Yemen


Al-Thawra Net

On Tuesday, Saudi fighter jets bombed several targets in the capital, Sana’a, including a food factory. At least 14 people, including three employees of the factory, have lost their lives in the attack, said Yemen’s al-Masirah television.

Saudi warplanes also bombed an area in the Kushar district of the northwestern Hajjah Province, killing three people and injuring several others.

Elsewhere, the Saudi air raids hit the al-Sama’ military base in the Arhab district of Sana’a Province as well as the military base of Hamza in the province of Ibb.

Two civilians lost their lives in an airstrike on a fuel station in Ibb.

Saudi military aircraft also carried out five raids on the Ta’izz airport. Later in the day, they targeted Wazaiyah District in the province, leaving seven people dead.