Geneva Conference Ends With A Propaganda Festival To Hide War Crimes In Yemen


Al-Thawra/ Chief Editor

“The war crimes committed by the Saudi-American aggression coalition for more than two years in Yemen have been absent from the conference of International donors in Geneva, co-chaired by the United Nations, Sweden and Switzerland, 25 April 2017,” chief editor of Al-Thawra newspaper said.

He added that the conference concluded its work in the Geneva with public relations granted the countries of the aggression coalition more international support and cleaned up its distorted image as a leader of war crimes in Yemen  and present them as countries that are facing humanitarian deterioration in Yemen.

He said the conference sent a message to the world that what is going on in Yemen is nothing but an internal conflict, “the conference were devoid of any international, or humanitarian initiatives that call for stopping the barbaric aggression on Yemen and lifting the illegal siege imposed on the Yemeni people under the pressure of the Gulf donations”.

It was appeared  that the conference was dominated by America, Britain and Saudi Arabia, they control its activities according to prepared agendas succeeded to provide excuses to the Saudi aggression and ignoring the crimes and violations committed by the Saudi aggression that supported by the US.