15 Saudi Raids on Sa’ada


Al-Thawra Net

The Saudi –American Aggression jets fighter continued their raids on several areas in Sa’ada province.

Local sources said to Khabar News Agency that the aggression jets fighter carried out three raids on t Mendiba’a  area, and another raid on Al- Majda’a of Baqim directorate.

The sources clarified that the aggression jets fighter carried out six raids on al-Baq in Kitaf directorate amid intensive flying over the district.

The same sources pointed out that two raid targeted al-Aqaba’a in Maran area of Haidan directorate as well as two others raids on the road linked between Hiadan and al-Daher areas.

The aggression warplanes launched an raid on the al-Zahir district after hours of rocket and mortar bombardment on different areas of   Shada’a district.