Army, Committees Attack Saudi-Backed Mercenaries in Western Coast


Al-Thawra Net

The Yemen army and popular committees carried out military attacks against Saudi-backed mercenaries’ gatherings in the western coast of Hodeidah province during the past 24 hours, a military official told Saba News Agency on Wednesday.

Rocketry force of the army and committees fired a ballistic missile, Qahir-M2, toward gatherings of coalition-paid mercenaries.

In addition, the air force of the army and popular committees destroyed 15 military vehicles and armored, inflicting the coalition heavy losses.

The army and committees also cut off the mercenaries’ supplies lines in Nukhaila and Mujils areas of Duraihimi district, seizing 10 armored vehicles and destroying 6.

The official added that engineering unit of the army and committees also destroyed three aggression’s military armored vehicles with explosive devices during repelling the mercenaries’ infiltration toward the airport, killing all their crews.

Meanwhile, artillery force of the army and committees targeted a weapon’s store in the south of Duraihimi, as well as a leader of coalition-backed mercenaries, was injured.