Risk of “Winds of Peace” Campaign on Yemeni Society


Al-Thawra Net

The Saudi-led aggression  States are preparing to launch their project aimed to penetrate the Yemeni society under the term of “neutrality” through the implementation of the “winds of peace” campaign to dismantle the Yemeni community in order to deprive the community of any reaction to rejecting the coalition projects aiming at occupying of Yemen.

Leaked documents obtained by Yemen Press Agency, showing that the bases on which the campaign will build on them, that will be promoted as a third “neutral” vision away from the parties to the conflict in Yemen, thereby reducing the pace of interacting with the Army and popular committees in the face of the coalition’s occupation.

According to the leaked document, the campaign targets the areas under the control of National Salvation government in Sanaa, through a series of activities in Yemeni society, including seminars, workshops, festivals, and electronic demonstrations, special and group meetings that will promote the project.

These activities will be carried out through academics, local and external civil society organizations, influential social personalities, human rights activists and media professionals, who will be the marketing of the campaign in the community, the document showed.

The document revealed that “the Coalition States expressed their concern over that the international community will impose the powers facing the Coalition as a partner in governance in any future round of negotiations, based on the steadfastness shown by the forces that reject the occupation, foremost among them Ansarallah.

This campaign will serve the Saudi-led coalition forces through decreasing the popular interaction in the face of the occupation projects in Yemen.