Armor Unit Of Army And Popular Committees Destroyed 48 Mechanisms In July



The armored corps of the army and the popular committees destroyed 48 mechanisms of aggression forces on various fronts during July 2018 .

A source in the armor unit told SABA that 48  of the mechanisms of aggression  during July were destroyed and damaged .The  source pointed out that they were destroyed by direct weapons and guided missiles .

The source pointed out that the mechanisms were destroyed by guided missile at the West Coast  reached up to 20 mechanism and armored vehicles .

The source said that the armor unit destroyed a tank and nine armored vehicles on the border fronts in the northern region with guided missiles, and targeted five mechanisms with direct weapons and directed in the central region .

The source pointed out  the number of mechanisms destroyed  in the eastern region with guided missiles 13 armored and a military mechanism .

The source pointed out that the unit armor targeted 10 gatherings of mercenaries of aggression on various fronts with guided missiles .