Aggression’s mercenaries continue escalating hostilities in several fronts : Army spokesman


Al-Thawra Net

Spokesman of the Yemeni army on Friday said Saudi-led coalition’s mercenaries on Friday continued bombing residential areas with rockets and artillery shells in Durihemi and Tuhayta districts of Hodeidah province.

Brigadier General Yahay Sarei referred that the coalition mercenaries tried to advance on Nehm front from two directions, but the army fighters repelled the attack, inflicting heavy losses on them.

He said that seven armored vehicles of the mercenaries were destroyed and several of those aboard were killed and injured during repelling the attack.

“Dozens of the mercenaries bodies and 25 wounded arrived in hospitals of Marib city, while some bodies still in the battlefield,” Sarei added.

In Bayda province, 14 mercenaries were killed during an infiltration attempt towards Mutahar and al-Zubairi hills, which was foiled by the army forces.