Nine more British SAS troops killed as result of illegal British operation in Yemen conflict


Al-Thawra Net

The rate of casualties of the British elite force SAS who died participating in the Saudi-Emirati coalition war on Yemen, has raised to nine more dead on Saturday, added to their predecessors.

A Yemeni military source on Sunday said that “nine British soldiers were killed in Najran, during an offensive operation carried out by the Yemeni army.”

He confirmed that that the “nine British soldiers were launching attacks with the Saudi army’s mercenary groups on the border front of Najran axis.”

Britain’s full participation in the Saudi-led coalition war on Yemen is no longer a secret, and has evolved from arming and intelligence logistical support to the direct participation of British military forces.

This was revealed by military intelligence reports, one of which was published by the British Daily Express last week, confirming the participation of a battalion of SAS elite units in the war on Yemen.

The British Special Air Force (SAS) ranks among the world’s most powerful elite forces, tasked with the implementation of the most dangerous extraordinary tasks. They are often deployed in secret imperialist missions conducted by the United Kingdom, in violation of international law.

The British newspaper confirmed on Monday that “two soldiers have been wounded in a special British force deployed on a covert mission in Yemen, under a joint mission of the United States of America and the United Kingdom of Great Britain.”

British Defense Ministry documents summarize the goal of the British Special Forces Airborne (SAS) to “carry out military operations to achieve British security and interests, and to thwart the threatened project of Britain.”

“A team of heavily armed SAS battalions of 12 British nationals went on secret missions to Aden from Djibouti with an Emirati helicopter and under the command of the United States,” the Daily Express said in its report on Monday.