Saudi militias attack home, kidnap civilians in Mahrah


Al- Thawra Net

Saudi-backed militias have on Wednesday raided a citizen’s home in Ghaydha city, Mahra province, eastern Yemen.

“Forces loyal to Saudi Arabia surrounded the house with a number of armored vehicles, started to break into it and shot bullets, injuring a woman on the pretext of arresting accused persons,” an official said.

He added that the forces arrested a number of people in the house and took them to camps and secret illegal prisons.

For his part, Undersecretary of Mahra province for Youth Affairs, Badr Kalashat denounced the incident, describing it as “an ugly crime and disregard for the legitimacy [Hadi puppet government in exile, which ironically is being supported by Saudi Arabia] and the Ministry of Human Rights.”

Kalashat noted that these provocations came in conjunction with the visit of a human rights group from the Hadi government, which came to inspect the prisons of the province.

He pointed out that this incident is proof of Saudi support for lawless militias that destabilize the security and stability of the province and put it in a scenario similar to what is happening in Aden.

The fact that Saudi Arabia moves ahead with such brazen attacks and seeningly arbitrary arrests of civilians during a visit by Hadi regime officials, seems to point to a large lack of respect of the Saudi forces towards the exiled administration of Hadi that they officially recognize as the “legitimate government of Yemen”.