Artillery attacks inflict heavy casualties on Saudi-led mercenaries in Jizan


Al- Thawra Net

The Yemeni army’s artillery forces on Friday launched intensive attacks on gatherings and positions of Saudi troops and mercenaries on several fronts of Jizan province, causing human and material casualties in their ranks, a military official told  Saba News Agency.

According to a military official, “the artillery unit of the army and popular committees shelled gatherings of the Saudi army, its mercenaries and their mechanisms in the positions of Qanbura and MBC, causing district casualties.

He explained that “the artillery unit of the army and committees also bombed gatherings of the Saudi-led mercenaries in the east of Jabal al-Dood, leaving dead and wounded in their ranks.”

For its part, the sniper unit of the army and popular committees said that a mercenary of the Saudi army was killed in sniping attack, which took place in front of Jahafan Mountain in the axis of Jizan” in addition to dozens of mercenaries who have been killed since the beginning of this month.