Tribal Cohesion council condemns Saudi crimes


Al- Thawra Net

The Tribal Cohesion Council has on Monday condemned the international silence on Saudi-led coalition’s airstrikes on the war prisoners’ detention facility in Dhamar Community College.

The Council carried out a vigil at the crime scene, in the presence of the Council’s head, members of the Shura Council and Undersecretary of Dhamar province Abbas Ali al-Amdi and head of the Tribal Cohesion Council’s branch in Dhamar.

During the vigil Sheikh Daifallah Rassam, head of the Council, explained that the crime is an additional witness to the criminality of the coalition.

He affirmed that “the aggression coalition does not except anyone in its crimes, even those in its side.”

Rassam urged all those misled by the aggression coalition to return to the homeland and benefit from the amnesty decision, confirming the National Reconciliation Committee’s readiness to facilitate their return and secure their livelihood