Official Statistic of Five Years of Saudi-led Aggression on Yemen


Al-Thawra Net

The Eye of Humanity Center for Human Rights and Development, in a press conference Wednesday, published statistics for five years of Saudi-led coalition aggression on Yemen.

The Center pointed out that the raids of the aggression on Yemen during the past five years resulting in killing and injuring of 42,582 civilians, while noting that the raids destroyed 8,610 service establishments.

“The brutal aggression killed 16,618 martyrs, including 3,725 children and 2,357 women, in addition to the injury of 25,964 citizens, including 3,941 children and 2721 women”, the center said, adding that the aggression bombed and destroyed 15 airports, 6404 means of transport, 459 fishing boats, 866 food stores, 387 fuel stations, 668 markets and 736 food trucks.

The center added that the aggression destroyed 16 ports, 297 electrical stations and generators, and the aggression deliberately destroyed and targeted 1990 reservoirs and water networks, and 1953 government establishments, while the number of civilian homes destroyed and damaged by the aggression reached 458,061 houses, while the service facilities amounted to 468229 facilities.

The center’s statistics also showed that the aggression destroyed 173 university facilities, 1336 mosques, 357 tourist establishments and 385 hospitals and health facilities.

The aggression also deliberately destroyed and targeted 1072 schools and educational centers, 6456 agricultural fields, 129 sports facilities, 241 archaeological sites and 46 media facilities.

The center stated that the aggression destroyed 21,461 economic establishments, 351 factories, 286 fuel tankers, 10,910 commercial establishments and 394 chicken and livestock farms.