Video: UN humanitarian coordinator sends plane to rescue her driver in Sana’a


Al- Thawra Net

Activists on social media have circulated video footage showing a private plane taking the private driver of UN Humanitarian Coordinator in Yemen, Lise Grande, out of Sana’a after he was infected with Covid-19.

The video shows a keen interest and a quick and practical reaction by the UN to the illness of its own employee in Sana’a, sending a private plane immediately to take him out of Yemen for treatment in order to save his life.

However, the UN has been unable to cope with sending aid to the hundreds of thousands of patients of various illnesses, who have for years waited for treatment.

While the United Nations and its UN envoy to Yemen remain silent on its promises to lift the Saudi air embargo on Sana’a airport and allow the treatment of patients outside Yemen, it seemed entirely different in tone with any of its own staff.

After years of procrastination and promises, the United Nations and its envoy to Yemen, as well as the World Health Organisation, announced the operation of an air bridge flights to help patients, but the flights were quickly stopped without any justification as to why.