Hadis’ Officials: UAE Has Never Helped Yemen


The United Arab Emirates has never helped Yemen but sent “insurgent militias” that worked to undermine the legitimate government, Anadolu quoted an official saying yesterday.

On Twitter,Hadis State Minister  Abdulghani Jameel wrote: “I stress to everyone, I am responsible for what I say, that the UAE has never offered any help to Yemen, whether in the past or since the start of its interference in the country in 2015.”

tweet came following the so called “donor conference” organised by Saudi Arabia in cooperation with the United Nations.

He added: “Whenever the UAE pays, it only aims to undermine the authority of the government… No one can deny this fact.”

Meanwhile, Mukhtar Al-Rahbi, senior aide of Yemeni information minister, wrote on Twitter: “The UAE has never sent anything to Yemen except armed insurgent militias in Aden and they are trying to seize the island of Socotra.”