Salvation Gov’t Spokesman: Griffiths seeks to cover continuing coalition’s crimes in Yemen


Al-Thawra Net

The Salvation Government Spokesman, Dhaifullah al-Shami said on Saturday that
The UN envoy’s statements are consistent with those of coalition’s spokesperson and he seeks to cover continuing coalition’s crimes in Yemen.

“They are trying to hold us responsible for the blockade while they control the sea, seize ships and put pressure on the people with economic war”, he told al-Masirah channel.

Dhaifullah also said that “The United Nations today reveals its ugly face when it contributes to the blockade of the Yemeni people”.

He declared that the American-British approach comes within the framework of the international game to control Yemen through their Saudi and Emirati tools.

“A murderer cannot guide a dove of peace to the slain, and the Americans are the ones who declared war on Yemen, and we know that if the Americans talk about peace, they seek for escalation”, he said.